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Our Clients Span Multiple Industries

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  • Government
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  • Construction
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Engineering & Construction

For a national engineering and construction firm, Amy established a FAR-required compliance program from the cradle, including risk assessment, code of conduct, policies, audit and monitoring protocols, and managing reporting mechanisms. She also shepherded all compliance-related training efforts, directing training resources to high risk compliance topics. Through increased awareness and proactive on-site training, her efforts prevented compliance violations at one location from happening on 26 other job locations.


For a large healthcare organization with three divisions, Amy was invited to assess the status and health of the compliance and ethics program after a new CEO had lost confidence in the former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. Amy assessed the health of the program and delivered a report to the board that mapped opportunities for maturation, gaps, and areas that were functioning at or above best practices. With this report in hand, the board was able to wisely assign resources to the program to ensure balanced growth and effectiveness.


For a publicly traded educational software company, Amy led the General Counsel, who was also dual-hatted as the Chief Compliance Officer, through a three phase process to identify where there were gaps in compliance efforts, identify and prioritize legal risks, and design and develop a strategic plan to assign resources to the highest risk areas, maximizing risk mitigation and management.


For a publicly traded telecommunications company, Amy was asked to evaluate their anti-bribery and anti-corruption efforts, including due diligence. Amy evaluated the compliance and ethics program with focus on anti-corruption risks, recommending development and implementation of various controls to mitigate the risks of corruption in global business dealings. Further, Amy was able to assist the client with completing the risk assessment process so that they could create a risk-based approach to due diligence and spend less money on background checks and comprehensive due diligence reports on their tens of thousands of third parties around the world.


Amy serves as the independent consultant approved by the Department of Homeland Security to assess and provide continuous reporting on the development and progress of the compliance program of a major supplier of security equipment to the Transportation Security Administration.

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