Anti-Corruption Program Design, Development & Implementation

CLEAR Direction in Ethical Business Practices

Values-Based Corporate Decision Making

  • Preparation is Key

    What would happen to your organization if one or more employees committed a criminal offense or a civil wrong in the course of their employment? Are you prepared to respond to a government inquiry? What if the biggest threats to the growth of your organization are actually your own employees?

    The Answer is CLEAR

    Ethical performance is not only the right thing to do; it is the best thing you can do for your business. Managing fraud risk and compliance exposure is a critical priority across industries. We can help your company meet compliance requirements and manage the risks so your business can focus on doing business.

    Purpose Driven for Meeting Your Goals

    CLEAResources offers your company personal attention and exceptional value in the process of establishing or improving your Compliance and Ethics Program. From drafting a customized Code of Conduct, developing and delivering engaging and innovative training programs, all the way through crafting processes to incentivize ethical conduct and auditing your program to ensure it is effective and efficient, CLEAResources has the expertise to guide your company on the path to your compliance goals.

    Ethical Business Practices Come Standard

    Studies have proven that organizations with a strong commitment to ethical business practices enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace—client and employee retention, customer satisfaction, and superior financial performance. A study by Ethisphere™ in 2010 demonstrated that the World’s Most Ethical companies substantially outperformed the market in each of the last 5 years.

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