Compliance Education & Training for Corporations and Public Entities

Companies don’t break laws; people who work for the companies do.

The only way for an organization or company to be in compliance is through its people.  Most employees want to do the right thing, but they need training to know how to perform in complete compliance with the law. Even if employees go rogue and violate the law, robust training programs can serve as a valuable shield for the company in a regulatory or legal action.

Ignorance can derail even the most ethical of companies. If you aim to foster a culture of strong workplace ethics, all levels of your organization must understand the standards, policies, and procedures that apply to their work.

CLEAResources offers a variety of compliance and ethics education and training options developed with adult learning specialists to reach everyone in your organization:

  • Custom presentations targeted to any level, from boardroom to field workforce.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions, including e-learning options.
  • Realistic and relevant customized scenarios to take employee compliance training to a new level.

Your ethics and compliance program contributes to your success only if your employees understand how to make compliance and corporate values an integral part of their work life.

When you’re ready to teach your team how it’s done…

Your choice is CLEAR


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