Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Development & Training

Demystify the heart and soul of your compliance and ethics program.

It’s a common state of affairs in many organizations: the code of professional conduct, or code of business ethics, is the lynchpin of your compliance program. Yet this critical document is inaccessible to those who need to understand it the most…

“What should go in it?” ask your attorneys.
“Do we really have to certify that we read the whole thing?” ask employees.
“How does this play out in day-to-day operations?” management wants to know.

Your code of conduct for employees serves multiple purposes, all critical to your organization’s success:

  • Defines and sets forth your company’s values.
  • Lays out the guidelines that put your risk assessment plan into action.
  • Meets federal requirements for a business code of conduct, where applicable.
  • Demonstrates to government regulators your good faith efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to wrongdoing.
  • Informs employees as well as external stakeholders of your organization’s commitment to high standards of ethical business conduct.
  • Sets expectations for business conduct, behavior, and demeanor.

Laws and corporate policies cannot cover every contingency. A workforce trained in a code of conduct/ethics is better positioned to make decisions consistent with your business mission.

CLEAResources has the necessary expertise in personnel, compliance, and ethics matters to help you develop a business code of conduct/ethics at a competitive cost. We serve a range of needs, from a quick edit or third party review of your current code to total life cycle project management, including:

  • Benchmarking your code to best practices as they develop.
  • Development and declaration of corporate values.
  • Drafting in plain English for ease of use and reference
  • Incorporation of practical scenarios that are relevant and useful to employees and cover the risks unique to your organization.
  • Advising on roll-out and publication of the new code.
  • Employee training sessions on the code.

Your code reflects how you do business as sets the tone from your leadership.

If you seek expert guidance on how to create a code of conduct that fosters ethical behavior…

Your choice is CLEAR


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