Corporate Monitoring

Transform your challenges into strengths. Take the opportunity to choose a monitor who moves your company forward.

A company confronts difficult challenges in the aftermath of fraud and misconduct. Government agencies frequently require an organization to hire an independent corporate monitor to oversee compliance with the settlement agreement.

After weathering a difficult legal proceeding, many companies assume that a law firm is the best source for a compliance monitor. CLEAResources offers qualified corporate monitors with deeper compliance and ethics experience and highly competitive rates when compared to law firms.

  • Our team works with you to create a customized compliance monitoring plan that fulfills all government requirements and expectations. These include:
    • Administrative agreements
    • Non-prosecution and deferred prosecution agreements
    • Corporate integrity agreements
    • A variety of other administrative agreements to resolve fraud and misconduct allegations
  • Our experienced, independent monitors have in-depth knowledge of the regulations that set the gold standard for compliance. These include the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the Federal Acquisition Regulation.
  • We put in place a monitoring plan that promotes ethical behavior and supports efficient growth and recovery for your company.

The CLEAR goal is to get your company back on track with a strong compliance monitoring program that enhances your business strategy. To accomplish that goal we:

  • Assess the compliance and ethics program elements currently in place. We leverage what already works for your business and what you already do well.
  • Recommend specific actions and develop a practical strategic plan to accomplish them.
  • Build in flexibility so your monitoring program matures as your company advances.

When you seek to move past an enforcement crisis with a strong ethics and compliance program that drives your success…

Your choice is CLEAR

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