Compliance Policy Development

It’s more than just “paperwork.” It’s the sword and shield of a successful organization.

Your partners and customers have no tolerance for wrongdoing. When you draft and maintain effective compliance policies, you accomplish much more than a routine organizational chore. Your policy library is one sword that prevents misconduct and a shield when an incident occurs. In employee-employer litigation, for example, the employee handbook is often “Exhibit A.” It may be possible to avert litigation with robust compliance policies in place.

Major stakeholders judge your organization by how you work to prevent violations and respond to misconduct or an ethical breach:

  • Recent enforcement trends mean increased government scrutiny.
  • Employees need to know what they are supposed to do and when. News reports frequently focus on corporate compliance crises – is your organization positioned to gracefully handle a devastating headline? Do your policies inform employees on how conduct themselves and how to respond when violations occur?
  • Potential partners look for a strong commitment to compliance and ethics starting with a code of conduct and backed by robust policies and procedures.
  • Informal policies can change with personnel turnover. Solidify your processes in clear, accessible policies.

Clear and accessible corporate policies are a fundamental element of a strong and effective compliance and ethics program.

The CLEAResources team has the background and operational expertise to assist your company with all steps to develop, draft, publish and update your corporate or regulatory compliance policy. Our services include:

  • Aid in identifying what policies would provide maximum legal and compliance risk mitigation.
  • A comparison of your policies against best practices.
  • Analysis of how effectively your policy may influence compliance.
  • Identification of opportunities to consolidate, improve, or eliminate current policy elements.

CLEAResources services can provide much-needed support to organize, upgrade, and publish policies to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to misconduct and ethical issues.

When your organization is ready to make your policies an asset to your compliance and ethics program…

Your choice is CLEAR


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