Employee Compliance & Fraud Investigation

When an ethics and compliance crisis strikes: investigate, recover, and grow stronger than before.

Employee fraud is an unfortunate fact of life–even among companies and government agencies with exceptional compliance and ethics programs in place.

A strong compliance program is the wisest prevention strategy. When an incident does occur, your program’s action plan for addressing misconduct is more important than ever:

  • Every company is obligated to investigate employee fraud to determine what happened and how to prevent similar incidents in the future.
  • Whistleblowers continue to gain international attention. Your organization needs an effective investigation protocol for a strong response in the event it’s needed.
  • Legal authorities, partners, and customers judge your organization based on how you react when fraud is uncovered. Prompt reporting, a proactive response, and a solid plan to remediate future misconduct demonstrate your commitment to ethical practices and compliance and reflect favorably on your organization in a legal proceeding.

The CLEAResources team of experts can help you develop an investigation policy and protocol to detect, correct, and monitor the handling of violations reports. We help you strengthen your compliance and ethics program to benefit your business operations as well as fulfill government expectations and requirements.

We offer licensed investigators with decades of experience and a national network of interviewers to ensure your response is rapid and thorough.

Don’t let fraud derail your organization’s success. When you’re ready to plan for the worst by hiring the best…

We offer attorneys and licensed investigators…

Your choice is CLEAR


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