Compliance & Ethics Program Assessment & Review

Is your business compliance and ethics program up to par? Your key stakeholders are watching…

Businesses face ethics and integrity challenges like never before:

  • An exponential increase in laws and regulations, with more government scrutiny and a heavy compliance burden.
  • Educated consumers who demand transparency.
  • Business partners who look for a commitment to compliance and ethics to reduce risk.
  • Customers with little tolerance for questionable business practices–and a willingness to vote with their wallets.
  • A list of program requirements and tangible evidence of their effectiveness.

Government agencies also operate under higher scrutiny and oversight, from legislative committees as well as an informed constituent public.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs is just one example of a government entity under pressure to significantly step up internal oversight and tighten compliance procedures.

Many other agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Customs and Border Patrol, FBI, Internal Revenue Service, and many other departments and agencies, and local governments, would benefit from compliance and ethics approaches that mirror the private sector.

In the face of these mounting challenges, organizations often lack the internal resources and bench strength to launch a compliance assessment that promotes effective change.

The CLEAResources team has the compliance and ethics expertise to conduct a thorough compliance analysis with results that make a positive difference in an organization’s daily operations:

  • Our recommendations include a practical action plan.
  • We deliver our results at rates less than most law firms.
  • Broad experience has taught us that an effective ethics and compliance plan takes into account an organization’s overall business strategy.

Here’s how we equip you to meet the compliance and ethics demands you face right now:

  1. Conduct an independent assessment of your company’s current compliance and ethics program, including:
    • Document review
    • In-person interviews
    • Data and metrics collection
    • Remote and onsite activities
  2. Analyze compliance and ethics program elements:
    • Compare program elements with applicable legal standards and recent professional and industry benchmarks.
    • Determine how effectively your current program operates.
    • Identify opportunities for program growth.
  3. Deliver a compliance assessment report that includes:
    • Analysis of your current compliance and ethics program
    • Suggestions for program improvement
    • Concrete, practical, next-step recommendations to mature your program

When your organization is ready to discover that compliance and ethics are a catalyst for your bottom line…

Your choice is CLEAR


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