Strategic Ethics & Compliance Plans

Compliance strategy management can be quick and easy.

“We have to build the framework in which we will execute the tasks.” – LTG Claude V. Christianson

It is imperative that your organization keeps its ethics and compliance plan moving forward. Laws and regulations are dynamic and government scrutiny can shift between myriad enforcement initiatives. Your stakeholders–especially your clients–view ethical conduct as a basic condition for doing business.

Every company has limited time and resources to develop a strategic plan for a corporate compliance and ethics program.

CLEAResources has developed a unique and innovative one-sheet compliance management tool that costs no more than Microsoft Office® and a sheet of paper.

We can help you build a framework that quickly and easily identifies crucial ethics and compliance tasks—even as your business operations and risks change. To ensure this framework addresses your organization’s unique challenges we:

  • Identify current risks through a documents review, in-person interviews, and data collection.
  • Assess the effectiveness of mitigation measures you currently have in place.
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen risk mitigation.
  • Create a customized ethics and compliance plan for the specific high-priority risks your organization faces.

A compliance and ethics program is a dynamic, active document that needs to be managed and developed. When you’re ready to access a quick, easy tool that keeps your plan up-to-date…

Your choice is CLEAR


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