Compliance Commando Stand Down

What is the ComplianceCommando™ Stand Down?

CLEAResources’ ComplianceCommando™ Stand Down is an exclusive opportunity for compliance and ethics professionals to connect with each other and extend their brain trust.

A Stand Down is “a relaxation of status of a military unit or force from an alert or operational posture” according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  In the military, units cease regular operations in order to focus all of their attention on a particular issue such as suicide prevention, safety, or response to sexual harassment.

You shared and we listened! Compliance professionals often feel isolated in their companies and disconnected from their compliance and ethics colleagues in other companies. Compliance officers want to benchmark their program progress, vent their frustrations, and even ask their fellow compliance officers how they are handling certain risk areas (if at all). Stand Downs give compliance officers a designated time and safe place to step away from their primary operations and focus on a particular compliance and ethics challenge.

Let’s face it, concerns about your compliance program are sensitive. It is understandable compliance officers hesitate to share, particularly when it comes to program gaps and weaknesses, lack of leadership support, and compliance missteps within their companies. Who wants all that dirty laundry out there? 

Enter the ComplianceCommando™ Stand Down. The Stand Down gives Compliance Officers a small forum of fellow compliance officers across industries to benchmark, brainstorm, exchange ideas, and share innovative and creative solutions to the compliance profession’s greatest challenges. 

How does it work?

Participation is FREE!! Stand Down is one of CLEAResources’ FREESources! 

Stand Downs are hosted by Amy McDougal, CLEAResources’ President and Founder.  She is a certified compliance and ethics professional (CCEP) and licensed attorney. Amy invites no more than 6 compliance officers to a scheduled one-hour Stand Down by virtual video conference. Each Stand Down may have a theme, for example a shared risk area or program element, and the invitees can ask questions and share solutions that have worked for them. Thus, the compliance professionals can learn about “the Good.” But what about the “The Bad and The Ugly?” Compliance professionals can learn from hearing about those, too. 

What makes the Stand Downs different from other roundtables or workshops is that questions and concerns – as well as answers to those questions and concerns – can be anonymous! CLEAResources serves as a confidential clearinghouse for issues that compliance professionals want to raise, but not have attributed to them or their companies – providing a safe and sterilized way to share information.

Want an Invite? 

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